Application for New Service Connection, Payments of Water Bill, Processing Complaints, Processing Change Name, Processing Reconnection and Disconnections
PROCESSING OF NEW SERVICE  Step Applicant/Client Activity Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Person in Charge Fee Form
Schedule of Availability of Service:
Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. NO noon break 1 Visit RWD office and Inquire. Interview regarding location if within the Zone map. 4 minutes (PACD) WRFO - A/ WUMDO - B /   WSMM - C    
Who May Avail of the Service:   RWD Form No. 100 Revised 2009
*All Residents of Ramos/Pura, Tarlac 2 Fill up Service Application Form with Contract. Give copy of Service Application Form and provide clarification. 8 minutes (PACD) WRFO - A/ WUMDO - B /   WSMM - C
*At least 18 years old.
What are the requirements: 3 Submit accomplished Service Application Form together with the requirements. Checks the Names, Address, and Signature of the applicant and supply  data (CTC No. Date and Place Issued) 1 minute (PACD) WRFO - A/ WUMDO - B /   WSMM - C    
*Fully accomplished application form (RWD Form No. 100 Revised 2009)    
  4 Pay to the Senior Cashier Issues Official Receipt for the Application fee. 1 minute Senior Cashier Application fee :         P 200.00 RWD Form No. 110 Revised 2009
*One (1) copy of ID picture Notarial fee:                   150.00
*Community Tax Certificate   (Current Year) Conducts Site Inspection /estimate labor and the materials to be used. 30 minutes Plumber  WRFO-A Investigation fee:          300.00
Meter Maintenance: 1,100.00
  Tapping & Service:        450.00
  Present to the applicant the Labor & Materials Estimate Form for the total amount to be paid. 1 minute WRFO-A TOTAL :                       P 2,200.00
Duration:  1 hour  50 minutes  
  5 Pay to the Senior Cashier Issues Official Receipt for the materials and labor paid. 1 minute Senior Cashier   RWD Form No. 120 Revised 2009
  Fills up Requisition and Issue Slip and Issues Materials . 4 minutes WUM/DO - B  
  Installation.  1 hour Plumber  
    ***** END OF TRANSACTION *****